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Design & Development

It Starts With An Idea

Have an idea?  We can help you design and plan out your event in detail each step of the way starting with some key basics:

  • What is your purpose?(Wedding? Corporate event? Fundraiser? Festival? etc.)
  • When is your event?(In two weeks? Two years? Two months?)
  • Where will it take place?(Indoor, Outdoor, Warehouse, Ballroom?)
  • Do you have a theme in mind?(Bourbon Backyard, Alice in Wonderland, 50s Rock n' Roll, Superhero?)
  • How many are expected to attend?(10? 100? 1,000?)
  • What kind of feeling do you want attendees to have?(Creative? Reverent? Wild & Free? Focused?)
  • What style will be expressed? (Art Gallery Minimalistic? Super Bowl Elaborate? Or something in-between?)​


Whenever you have an idea, let's get it on paper to bring it one step closer to life.  Bring us your drawings, or we can sketch for you, and we'll get started on pulling it all together!  Here are just a few before & after samples.  Call us to see what we can create for you!