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My First Year

My First Year

My year with Eventualities has been crazy, hectic, and full of surprises in all the best ways. It’s not like any other job you can imagine. There’s never a dull day – I’ve done everything from filing to face-painting, answering phones to dealing blackjack. The one skill you have to have here is adaptability. You can come in expecting an easy, boring day and suddenly have to make 4 deliveries before noon. Conversely, you can head into what looks like the most stressful week ever and find that somehow, everything falls into place just perfectly. Usually, it’s somewhere in the middle and you learn to take the day’s challenges as they arrive.

But my favorite aspect of this job is that sometimes it hardly seems like a job at all. The way we talk, laugh, and interact makes it seem more like a group of friends coming together to create these events that a formal business. Add in that we voluntarily see each other outside of work hours, a rare occurrence in my experience, and we become more like a family.

There’s never been a job as demanding, fast-paced, and fun as Eventualities. I’m excited to see what the future holds.