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Our specialty is handling all the details of your community festival.

How To Choose Between An Event Planner And Event Producer

Every day there is a new event planner that enters the marketplace. How do you know how to make the best choice for what you need? Add to that there are others who are event producers. So what’s the difference between an event planner and event producer? EVENT PLANNERSEvent planners are great for being hand-in-hand…
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My First Year

My year with Eventualities has been crazy, hectic, and full of surprises in all the best ways. It’s not like any other job you can imagine. There’s never a dull day – I’ve done everything from filing to face-painting, answering phones to dealing blackjack. The one skill you have to have here is adaptability. You…
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Change Happens

It’s been three years since we last updated our website.  It was time to upgrade, just like it’s time to make additional changes to grow our business.  Some clients go, some new clients come on-board.  Some team members go, and some new ones show up to brighten our day.  We’ll be looking for new bigger…
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