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How To Choose Between An Event Planner And Event Producer

How To Choose Between An Event Planner And Event Producer

Every day there is a new event planner that enters the marketplace. How do you know how to make the best choice for what you need? Add to that there are others who are event producers. So what’s the difference between an event planner and event producer?

Event planners are great for being hand-in-hand with you while you are putting together an event to make sure everything happens on time and within budget. Event planners are perfect for weddings! Planners do:

  • Meets with you to get your ideas, timing and location of event.
  • Creates timeline of project
  • Coordinates vendors as needed
  • Manages day of logistics

Event producers do everything event planners do, but with additional layers of strategy, design, and creation. Strategy is important when you have a desired goal for the event like fundraising for a non-profit, community engagement at a festival, or show appreciation for your employees. Design of an event is attached to the strategic objective. It matters how the event flows and looks for the entire experience.

Event producers also produce: Props, backgrounds, decorations, and results. Event producers are the ones event planners call to fill in the gaps of the event they are working on.

Start by asking “what kind of event help do I need?” That will tell you which way to go.

We do it all! We help plan from start to clean-up, we produce everything you can dream of, we have vendor partners that are budget masters, and we provide you with a level of “easy button” service you don’t find anywhere else. And let’s not forget our warehouse of props we call the Imaginarium! Even when you have an event scheduled but no idea where to take it you can walk through aisle after aisle of fantasy to let your imagination soar. We are the one-stop for all your event needs.